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     Todd smiled as he read through a magazine, idly sipping on his cup of coffee. He'd been looking forward to meeting Rouga that afternoon all day. The guard had been very busy the past few days, which had limited the time that they could spend together. He smiled more as he kept reading when he felt a hand on his shoulder. Tilting his head back Todd grinned when he saw his boyfriend.
    "Hey Rouga. Did they let you off early?"
   Rouga chuckled and gave him a kiss on the forehead before taking a seat across from the cook.
    "Yeah. I talked my way into getting out of there sooner. Wanted to get to my guy faster ya know?"
    Todd laughed as a second cup of coffee was brought over like he had asked.
    "I was kind of hoping you'd get here early. I found this really great looking recipe and I wanted to see what you thought of it."
     Todd slid the magazine over to Rouga, watching him as he read it over. After a minute the guard smiled and nodded.
     "This looks awesome, kid. When ya gonna try it out?"
       Todd shrugged. "I don't really know. I thought about making it tonight. But I wasn't sure. So I thought I'd ask you~"
       Rouga laughed and handed the article back to Todd. "S'up to you Todd. Yer the one that does most of the work. I just hand ya bowls and stuff."
       Todd giggled as he tucked the magazine in his bag. "I think I can make it tonight. I've been wanting to make something new but hadn't...."
      He began to trail off, eyes glancing at a group that had just walked through the door. Rouga frowned as he turned around to see what Todd was looking at. He narrowed his eyes as he glared at Posh as he sat down not far from them. Rouga turned back to Todd and took hold of one of his hands.
      "Ya want to get out of here? We don' need to stay if ya don' want to."
       Todd tools deep breath and shook his head. "No.... No. I need to stop worrying about it. I'm don't want to let him control what I do anymore."
       Rouga sighed and nodded, tightening his hold on Todd's hand. He was glad that Todd was starting to take a stand, but he still worried.
      "Alright.... Just don'... Don' force anything okay? We can leave whenever you want."
     Todd nodded as beheld tight onto Rouga's hand. They continued to talk, but more quietly so not to draw Posh's attention. But they had already been spotted. Posh grinned as he leaned back in his seat and looked at his group.
      "Did I ever tell you guys about my last boyfriend? Some loser named Espen."
     Rouga blinked when he heard Posh say that. He hadn't thought that anyone else had dated Posh since he dumped Todd. He glanced at Todd and frowned when he saw the look on his face. Todd was avoiding any eye contact as he picked at his own sleeve. He then glances over at Posh as he started to talk again.
      "I'm telling you this guy was absolutely worthless. Couldn't do anything right. I can't tell you how many times he tried to cook me dinner. But every time he would wind up burning it."
        Rouga grimaced as he listened, looking at Todd when he felt the cook's hand start to tighten.
      "And don't get me started on the so called art!" Posh went back to it. "He'd sit for hours working on pictures that looked no better that what a smeet could do. I swear it was some of the worst things I'd ever seen."
      With that Todd suddenly stood up, nearly knocking over his cup. Rouga stood up with him, eyes darting between Todd and Posh.
    "Todd?" He took hold of his boyfriend's hand.
    Posh grinned at them and stood up, walking over to stand in front of Todd.
    "Well look what we have here.~~~ Gonna run away like you always do?"
     Todd glared up at Posh, making eye contact with him for the first time. Before anyone could say a word Todd punched Posh, fist connecting with the other's cheek. Posh stumbled back in surprise, taken aback by the sudden strike. Todd glared at him harder, fists shaking as he began to back away as tears started to come to his eyes.
    "Shut up Posh! Just. Shut. Up. I'm tired of you always ruining things for me! I'm done being afraid! I just want to be left alone. I want to be happy! So just leave me and my friends alone!"
     Rouga looked at Todd in shock. He never thought that he'd stand up to Posh like that. But before he could say anything Todd grabbed his hand and pulled him from the cafe. They were quiet until they reached there apartment. Todd let go of Rouga's hand and flopped on the couch. Rouga sighed and sat next to him, taking hold of his hand.
    "Todd.... What was Posh talking bout? Who's Espen?"
    The cook bit his lip as he looked at his hands.
    "He....he was talking about me...."
    Rouga looked at him in surprise, gripping his hand. But Todd stopped him from talking by putting his free hand over Rouga's mouth.
   "When.... When we were dating.... My name was Espen... It uh.... It's my real name. But Posh... He didn't like it. He thought it was a stupid name, so he just called me Pen. But when he dumped me I decided to... To change my name to Todd.... Normal name... New start I guess....." He glanced up at Rouga, fear in his eyes. "Do... Are you mad that I didn't tell you?"
   Rouga gave a loud sigh as he leaned back in the couch, pulling Todd close to him.            
     "..Why ya think i'd be upset 'bout that, huh? Kid... I got to know /you/. and I love /you/. Your name's only a little part've it. S'not like you changed who yah are, right? Besides.." He moved Todd so he could look him in the eyes. "S'a nice name~"
        Todd blushed deeply as he looked up at Rouga, tears filling his eyes again. He then flopped forward onto Rouga's chest, hugging him tight. The guard smiled as he held Todd close, rubbing his back.
       "Hey now.... S'gonna be okay kid... Told ya I'd stick with yah didn' I?"
      Todd sniffed and nodded against his chest. "I know....I know...."
No More
Aaaaaaand another development short for my ship with :icon10yrsy: I had a lot fun with this one. My baby Todd has finally had it with Posh~~ Feel free to ask questions.

Todd and Posh belong to me

Rouga, proofread and Rouga's final lines belong to :icon10yrsy:
 "You're useless." That was the only thing running through Todd's mind. It seemed like any time he was starting to feel happy or relaxed his ex would show up and ruin the mood. Todd sighed as he unbuttoned his chefs coat, hanging it on its usual hook before flopping on the couch. He curled up slightly and hugged a throw pillow, burying his face in it. Posh's words stung deep in his mind as he thought about the latest confrontation with the abusive Irken. Todd had been on his way back to his room the jerk had jumped him, keeping him pinned against the wall. As always Posh started to go on and on about how Todd wasn't really loved, not even by his own brother. But what had really hurt was when he tried to make Todd think that Rouga didn't really want him around. Todd hugged the pillow tighter, close to tears when he felt a hand on his shoulder.  
       He sniffed and looked up from the pillow, seeing his boyfriend looking down at him worriedly.

"Todd? S'matter? You feelin okay?" The guard ran a hand over Todd's forehead, feeling for signs of fever. The cook shook his head as he picked at Rouga's shirt.

"Not sick. I'm just tired." Rouga sighed and started to rub Todd's back.

"Rough day at work?"

Todd shook his head again. "Not really. Just.... Had a couple of rough patches..."

Rouga frowned as he listened to his boyfriend. "Something happened.... Didn't it?"

Todd gripped at Rouga's arm. "No.... N-nothing happened...."

The guard frowned deeper, placing a hand on Todd's shoulder to get him to sit up. "Yer hiddin something Todd. Did Posh talk to you again?" Todd went to answer him but was stopped when Rouga took hold of his head and made him look at him. "Don't go lyin'. I know something happened..... Now jus tell me what happened...."

Todd took a deep breath and glanced at his hands. "He....he found me on the way home.... Said the usual stuff.... Just......"

Rouga sighed and took hold of his boyfriend's hand. "Jus what? What else did he say?"

         The cook sighed and flopped forward, resting his head on Rouga's shoulder. "He said.... He said that I was just a burden... That no one really wanted me around.... That... That you didn't really want me aroun..." He was stopped again as Rouga pulled him into a tight hug. Todd blinked in surprise as Rouga held him close, the guard's shoulders shaking with rage.

"Don' you even think bout finishing that. I don't ever want you thinkin like that. Not ever."

Todd was quiet as he listened to Rouga, tears filling his eyes. He gripped at the other's shirt, shaking slightly as he hugged Rouga back. "I know.... I just.... He was really bad this time..."

Rouga snarled quietly as he rubbed Todd's back. "I swear if I see that jerk I'll knock the rest of his teeth out...."

Todd smiled slightly as he looked up at him. "Just...don't get into too much trouble okay? I don't want them to transfer you over this..."

Rouga sighed as he touched foreheads with Todd, wiping away his tears with a finger. "I'm not goin anywhere Todd. I promise. I'm gonna stay right here." He smiles at the other and leans down, kissing him lightly. "Love you, Todd. An don' forget it."

Todd laughed as he sniffed a bit. "I love you too Rou."
What Matters
Oh my gosh has it been forever since I wrote anything. It feels only right that I return to writing with my first ship ever. Big thanks to :icon10yrsy: and :iconzerna: for proof reading and editing this.

Todd and *grumbles* Posh belongs to me
Rouga belongs to :icon10yrsy:
Kiriban get by Devikel
Kiriban get
*laughs crazily in the distance*

Let's ocs from downed ships fade into black
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Wed Mar 11, 2015, 10:39 PM
I'm so excited right now! I'll be attending a live recording of Welcome to Night Vale in Chicago, Illinois! I'll get to stay with my uncle for a couple of days after the show! So anyone I know who's gonna be there let me know! I'll be wearing a Feral Dogs shirt.


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God, this song!!/s/Rokutosei… Every time it comes up on my playlist, I get teary eyed...All the things that could have been between Shion and Nezumi. I still hope that they make more and let us find out if they get back together. Sad now....TTATT
I love anime, books, writing, horses, and fantasy.
This is my best friend ever! She got me into yaoi and I will always love her for it!
Check out all of the awesome stuff I saw at the Japan Pavilion store! I was in heaven!

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Wed Mar 11, 2015, 10:39 PM
I'm so excited right now! I'll be attending a live recording of Welcome to Night Vale in Chicago, Illinois! I'll get to stay with my uncle for a couple of days after the show! So anyone I know who's gonna be there let me know! I'll be wearing a Feral Dogs shirt.


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Let's ocs from downed ships fade into black 

2 deviants said Only thing I feel like doing
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